“Works on Paper” by Dave Groom

Dave Groom describes his exhibition “Works on Paper”: 

“For me, drawing is the essence of what I do. We are surrounded by ever increasing bright, loud images that are designed to grab our attention in an age where we are constantly bombarded by images.

These works are the antithesis of the bright and bold. They are generally small, soft and subtle. You have to stop and take your time and look closely. These graphite and charcoal drawings are sometimes study drawings for larger oil paintings, but they are works of art in their own right. They are the original idea or concept, fresh and immediate.

One of the things I love about drawing is that you are just dealing with line and tone. You don’t have to think about colour. There is a great freedom in this and most of these drawings are imagined scenes that I have created from memory, rather than literal interpretations of an actual landscape.”


Above “Two Trees” by Dave Groom, graphite on paper (30 x 25cm)
Above “Sunrise Near Shipstern” by Dave Groom, charcoal on paper (50 x 67cm)
Above “Currawong” by Dave Groom, graphite on paper (33 x 24cm)
Above “Birds of the Forest” by Dave Groom, graphite on paper (24 x 28cm)
Above “Across the Ridge” by Dave Groom, graphite on paper (36 x 52cm)