Small Blessings from the Mountain

Everything is under $100
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From 30th November to 4th February.
Art opening Sunday 10th December

Anna Beveridge is a Mt. Tamborine artist who loves to paint the natural beauty of our Earth. This collection was inspired by a recent visit to a Merino sheep farm in the New England district of NSW. She said of the property ‘In every vista there was a beautiful painting. The Autumn colours, the dry gold and straw hues of the pastures, the poplars and the misty mornings – and the sheep – creamy-coated, curious and rather cute, were everywhere. I wanted to include them as part of this landscape series’. Some smaller pastel and pencil drawings show delicate local flora.

Helen Griffin is an artist who finds the landscape endlessly fascinating. Helen says “I am am always on the lookout for an opportunity to further explore the elements and mood of a captured image”. In this Exhibition she presents three series of expressionist paintings.

Local artist Marianne Halpin travelled through central Australia last year and was inspired by the wonderful reds and ochres of the interior. She has explored her vision of the landscapes in a semi abstract approach, a change from her normal figurative work. Birds are also an interest and are depicted in small mixed media drawings on recycled materials.

Eva Kaye is a Brisbane based artist whose home is surrounded by family, wild life, trees, music and colour. All these elements make their way into Eva’s vibrant paintings. The colours of interiors, flowers, friend’s rambling gardens and landscapes have inspired this collection of work. Colour and pattern play an important role in her painting process. “ I never know where a painting will lead me or what it will end up being, so there’s always a surprise element that keeps me interested”.

The Wearable Art Girls utilise many textile skills to create unique designs. From felted and embroidered flowers to hand spun and woven scarves and wraps, embroidered brooches, felted sculptures, hand tooled leather flower brooches, felted hats or fascinators, using silk, fine merino, alpaca…… The girls gather together each week at Tamborine Mountain Creative Arts, and felt, knit, crochet, weave and dye fabrics and fibres for their creative expression putting their own magic into their work.

Cindy Wood‘s pieces ‘Drift’ include woven art works inspired by an island getaway. The vibrant colours represent the crystal clear water and colourful corals of the reef and island plant materials. Driftwood foraged provides support, flow and stability that float ashore and join together to tell of their journey through the waves onto the shore. Sun bleached and at peace in the sands of island time.