“Reflections” by Wearable Art Girls

The exhibition will reflect personalities of the artists marked by delicious differences.

Denise Shellshear creates soft feminine forms in silk and merino to excite.

Margaret Smit makes adorable hats for every occasion – weddings, the races, or just to keep winter chills away.

Nature inspires Shannon Hunter to create fabulous freeform garments and accessories.

Serendipity inspires Sue Morris to create exciting wearables to stretch your imagination.

Marj Simonsen has reflected MONET’S GARDEN in her beautiful landscaped stoles and jackets.

Linda Harden’s work exhibits colours to delight the eye and brighten the heart and soul.

All these delicious differences will be reflected in the interesting mirrors decorated by Chrys Zantis. The mirrors are dressed with her glasses and her red lipsticks. Chrys Zantis joins the WAGs at Hilltop Gallery for the month of June.