“Recent Landscapes”

The exhibition “Recent Landscapes” by Louise Grove Wiechers and Debaran Wright is open from 6th September to 1st October. Official opening on Sunday September 10th, 12 Noon – 4pm.


Louise Grove Wiechers exhibits her series of ‘Quilted Landscapes’.

Subject matters include a recent visit to South Africa, as well as travels around Australia over the last two years. She travelled to Melbourne by motorbike with her husband last year. It provided wonderful new painting inspiration for her. ‘I endeavor to capture the spirit of the ideal pastoral experience. I simplify the elements to the basics, leaving only the impression. My goal is to convey the serenity of the moment’


Debaran Wright’s work in this exhibition is inspired and influenced by the views, trees, hills and rocks that make up her home of Mount Tamborine.

‘Time has no place. I work at it until that joyful and sad moment when I must step away and – it is done. Creating is part of my life, I paint when I’m happy I paint when I’m sad, I doodle when I am bored, I paint or draw everyday – artworks are the diary of my life.

I am still working with bitumen. There is an organic and primeval history to bitumen and the product has its own behaviour. I am overwhelmed by the variety of actions and reactions bitumen provides. I have worked with aluminium, shellac and bitumen, each of these elements is not ‘compatible’ and the end results are intriguing. My latest works include using bitumen mixed with oil paint that creates a softer colour palette.