Exotic Locations & Instrument Art

Artists: Brian Wareham Jones
From 28th February to 1st April
Art opening Day 4th March 12pm-4pm

About the artist

Always an admirer of nature, Brisbane born Brian spent much of his childhood and youth exploring the seaside idyll near his parents’ beach house at Toorbul on Pumicestone Passage. This area with its forest, wetland, seascape, Bribie Is. and Moreton Bay provided frequent exposure to the natural environment and beauty , thus laying the foundations for his later artistic pursuits.

Brian was first instructed in watercolours as a youth, followed by art studies at the Technical College in Bris. (now Q.U.T.), and later progressed to oils which remain his preferred medium.

After a 2 year residency on Tamborine Mountain, which provided an additional rich, sensual and visual exposure to exceptional beauty, he moved to Wurtulla on the Sunshine Coast. Now retired, Brian devotes considerable time to his art, including new interesting forms, in addition to conventional painting.

Man made structures and objects, particularly those exhibiting strong colour and form, are frequent topics in addition to the natural world.

More recently, his love of music, art and history are expressed in his range of ‘INSTRUMENT ART’, a unique collection of 3D artworks of stringed musical instruments, spanning 3000 years of mankinds pursuit of music.

As a keen walker, photographer, observer and lover of nature, Brian has a passion for communicating the experience via his art, not merely to reproduce what is seen, but to communicate the colour, spirit, history and beauty of the world around us.

A lifetime love of art, music and history has melded to inspire me to execute my INSTRUMENT ART collection of 3 Dimensional oil and mixed media paintings.

The immense diversity of stringed instruments provides a rich palette to recognise the long association of mankind and music. As an artist my appreciation of colour and form is readily available in the stringed instrument.

These works, not intended as ‘accurate models’, are expressly created as decorative wall art, alternative to paintings or photographs, to celebrate our sense of history, mankind’s genius to produce music as an essential element in our evolution.

INSTRUMENT ART is produced in several sizes and matching sets, in 2 series.Firstly classical and historical instruments from Ancient, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic and Modern periods. Secondly , a range of historic and iconic electric guitars and basses .

Each displays its flag of origin, and includes historical notes on the rear.

They are most effective and attractive wall pieces, and are suitable for decorating homes, commercial and institutional spaces.