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NEW WORKS BY SIMON MCLEAN showing at Hilltop on Tamborine main gallery from 5th November – 29th November 2015. The Exhibition is a return to Mclean’s roots in many ways, as he resides close by on the Gold Coast, while the Theme of the show takes him back to the days when he produced environmental artworks for various conservation causes and campaigns, including works for The Queensland National Parks and Wildlife Service. On this occasion, wanting to produce imagery that gives a little more than just visual pleasure, Mclean has produced an impressive collection of more than 30 images featuring the iconic koala as central theme and

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“Out of Africa”

Paintings by KAREN FOURIE are shown at Hilltop Chapel Gallery from 12th – 29th November. Karen works in different mediums but has a passionate love for working in acrylics because of the immediacy and versatility that it offers. Each one of her paintings is an emotional journey through her inner self and an honest portrayal of who she is and what she believes.  

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