5 elements

Five Elements in Chinese philosophy describes interactions and relationships between things. The five elements — wood, fire, earth, metal, and water — are believed to be the fundamental elements of everything in the universe between which interactions occur. The name was selected to describe the variety of art shown in the exhibition: ceramics, jewellery, paintings, tea ceremonies, Japanese traditional dancing and music with traditional Japanese instruments. Exhibiting artists include: Rory Cusack (ceramics), Maki Horanai (paintings), Sayaka Ishii (jewelry), Yumiko Kigoshi (ink paintings), Ken Kikkawa (ceramics), Kyong-Hee Kim (ceramics), Margaret Price and her students (tea ceremony), Hillel Weintraub (haiku), Sakura Dance

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“The Art of Siv Slater”

“The Art of Siv Slater” exhibition will run from 28 June through to 30 July. Official opening on Sunday afternoon, July 2 at 2 pm. Siv Slater is happy to join the enclave of very talented creatives here on Tamborine Mountain.  Siv has been painting for over twenty years and is excited to launch her first solo exhibition at Hilltop on Tamborine.  Siv works from her purpose built studio at Eagle Heights.  She is a figurative artist who has developed a unique individual style.  Her works depict people and animals in imaginary environments.  She paints from her imagination, allowing her imagery to

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“Reflections” by Wearable Art Girls

The exhibition will reflect personalities of the artists marked by delicious differences. Denise Shellshear creates soft feminine forms in silk and merino to excite. Margaret Smit makes adorable hats for every occasion – weddings, the races, or just to keep winter chills away. Nature inspires Shannon Hunter to create fabulous freeform garments and accessories. Serendipity inspires Sue Morris to create exciting wearables to stretch your imagination. Marj Simonsen has reflected MONET’S GARDEN in her beautiful landscaped stoles and jackets. Linda Harden’s work exhibits colours to delight the eye and brighten the heart and soul. All these delicious differences will be

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Ceramic by Monique Quarantini

Monique’s medium is clay and porcelain. Her skillfully thrown pieces are the canvas for her intricately illustrated birds. The vibrant colours of the birds seem to jump out at the viewer. Monique has achieved this by her technique of  ‘spot glazing’ which is similar to the spot varnishing of small areas in the printing process. Showing at Hilltop on Tamborine main gallery from 10th May – 28th May 2017. Opening 12th May 4pm – 8pm.    

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“Works on Paper” by Dave Groom

Dave Groom describes his exhibition “Works on Paper”:  “For me, drawing is the essence of what I do. We are surrounded by ever increasing bright, loud images that are designed to grab our attention in an age where we are constantly bombarded by images. These works are the antithesis of the bright and bold. They are generally small, soft and subtle. You have to stop and take your time and look closely. These graphite and charcoal drawings are sometimes study drawings for larger oil paintings, but they are works of art in their own right. They are the original idea or concept, fresh

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